Litestep modules by me

modules I made for LiteStep in the early 2000s

I spend much of the late 90ies and the first half of the 2000s making modules for LiteStep. I am keeping the source code and binaries for these old projects here. All modules were made in Delphi 2.0 and doing low-level win32 system programming with it was sort of my thing.

All of these are truly obsolete by now and should have newer better made replacements.

These are the LiteStep Modules I made:

  • LsClock (my first Module for the wharf)

  • v_wharf (Volume control for the wharf)

  • LsSpin (Theme Switcher Utility Program)

  • v_bang(Utility Module that allowed changing the volume from within LiteStep) [src]

  • Lsslider (Generic Slider Module) [src]

  • Lsbox (Generic Container Module that could Host other modules) [src]

  • shredder (Recycle Bin control from inside LiteStep) [src]

LsBox is the one I supported and used the longest. The wharf based ones went obsolete first since LiteStep theming moved away from its AfterStep inspired roots very fast.